100 Years Ago – Fire at Rapier Grain Co

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On Dec 20, 1918, a raging fire at the Rapier Grain & Seed Company at 1st & Center Streets resulted in over $250,000 in losses. It started suddenly in an elevator containing over 150,000 bushels of grain. Firemen from all three Fire Stations arrived but initially had a hard time finding the fire itself due to the dense smoke in the building.

The five-week old plant was made of concrete and steel, so the fire was contained to one area without structural damage. The blaze did burst through the windows and from a distance was said to appear as beacon lights.

In 1941, the Rapier plant had been converted into a modern soy bean factory by Owensboro Grain.

Source: MI Dec 20, 1918
Featured Photo: Grady Ebelhar via FB

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  1. As a Brescia College student in 1966 I worked there for Mr. Monarch, weighing and grading soybeans as the big rigs took their turns rolling across the scales and getting moisture tested by ME with my long sampler tube which I took inside and tested for moisture (the lower the better). Earned about 3 bucks an hour. Martin’s Bar was just up the street which was Brescia’s teacher and “of age” students hangout. Some good ol’ times were had by all.

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