The story behind this site…

My interest in photographing abandoned buildings eventually led to wondering about the history behind the structures that were forgotten and left slowly decaying. I also saw changes in downtown Owensboro and wondered about its past and started searching for photos. I found quite a few historical photos of Owensboro, but knew there had to be many more that existed. I didn’t find any online galleries, or good databases of information that was easily searchable.

I wanted to reinvigorate interest locally, and hoped to reach the younger crowd at the same time, hoping people would go through those shoeboxes of photos sitting in relatives’ closets. I felt Facebook was the best social platform to start with. I started the History of Owensboro Facebook group in December 2014 and hoped to have 100 people join and share information and photos. Now almost two years later, the group has over 18,000 members and is very active. This is a great way to communicate and answer questions, and talk about specific topics, but felt like it wasn’t the best repository for information.

In early 2016, I decided that a separate site should be setup to consolidate information as time goes on. The History of Owensboro Wiki was born and will act as a searchable database for information. It will continually grow and is meant as a community project.

I encourage everyone to be contributors to the History of Owensboro! We’re always looking for curators of information, ideas for improvements, proofreaders, and blog writers. Contact me if you want to help!



Want to Donate?
We’re currently looking to acquire 1938 aerial photographs of Owensboro and parts of Daviess County. One image, that covers approximately one square mile costs about $65, so you can imagine, covering a major portion of the county is going to costs thousands. Every little bit helps!

I appreciate it!