Cary & Marble Planing Mill

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This mill, at the mouth of the ravine at the foot of Locust St, was known as Byrom & Marble at least as early as 1868. In 1871, their yards has about $90,000 worth of assorted seasoned pine and poplar lumber and had around 100 employees. In 1882, Michael Cary, a machinist partnered with Levi Marble and it became Cary & Marble Co. The mill produced very high quality products and stocked timber from Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. They company brought in around $30,000 annually in the late 1890’s.

Levi W. Marble was born in 1827 in MA, and came to Owensboro in 1867.
Michael Cary was born in New York and came to Owensboro around 1859 and served during the Civil War.

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