Chambers Motor Co.

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H. F. and F. M. Chambers not only operated the Star Cash Groceries, but also started to sell the Star car, as well as the Durant. It started when H. F Chambers had read in a Louisville newspaper that the Star car was standard throughout and manufactured by W. C. Durant and was made to sell at an economical price, so he immediately called the company and secured a deal with them. There were seven other residents who wanted to start an Owensboro location, but their written applications were received too late.

When S. W. Anderson learned of the deal that had been made with Durant/Chambers, he agreed to tear down the old 2-story brick building at 3rd/Daviess and build a new one in its place. The new building was leased to Chambers Motor Co for five years. The basement was used for the storage of automobiles, first floor for sales, display room, and offices, and the second floor was used as a service room and for “automobile laundry”. In it’s first 17 months in business, Chambers Motor Co sold 98 Durant cars and 202 Star cars.

The Durant came in 10 available models that ranged in price from $890-$1465, and the Star car with 16 models and were in the $900 range.

The building is now the home of the SpeedZeum, part of the Owensboro Museum of Science and History.

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