Miller Field (Gabe’s)

Miller Field, named after J.C. Miller, officially opened in May 1937 as Owensboro Recreational Corporation (ORC) Field and was considered to be among the finest minor league facilities. By the 1950’s the popularity and rise of television and drive-in movies caused a sharp decline in interest. The Owensboro Oilers played their last game on Aug. 23, 1955. The bleachers were moved to Dade Park in Henderson.

In 1959, Gabe bought Miller Field and moved his restaurant there and built Gabe’s Shopping Center to the west of it. In November of 1963, his 125ft tall cylindrical hotel opened and 10,000 people showed up to tour it. At that time, it was listed as the tallest building in Kentucky outside of Louisville. Gabe’s Motor Inn was Owensboro’s premier hotel until the opening of the Executive Inn in 1977.

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