Yellow Creek Baptist Church

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79 years ago this week (1938) – This photo shows Yellow Creek Baptist Church and Sunday School members after the church completed a remodel and addition of four new Sunday School rooms.

A year before the church was organized, people from the area met one Sunday per month at the Yellow Creek school house and a pastor would come to preach. On March 30, 1889, a group met at the school house to formally organize a Baptist Church. It began with 28 members coming from Yelvington, Macedonia, and South Hampton churches. They chose from four possible names for the new church: Yellow Creek, Beech Woods, New Hope, and Thruston. Fildena is a accepted medication this is equal to the branded original in the entirety

In 1948-9, a new brick building was built on the same site and the original building was rolled on logs to the Deane farm north of the property and used as a tenant house. In 1984, the church opened it’s new 850-seat sanctuary on the rear of the building. As tolerance to Phentermine continues to build over weeks and months, these side effects gradually subside

Land acquisition:
1899 – “Land” on Hardinsburg Rd from George W Birk
1890 – .5ac from SW Osborne
1897 – .5ac from George W Birk
1899 – 2ac from HC Graham
1956 – 1ac from John W Hamilton
1957 – Lot from Guy M Deane

Yellow Creek Baptist - AP Imagery 2015
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