Alcoa Plant Announced

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In 1956, Alcoa confirmed their plans to build a plant at Yankeetown. It was to cost $80M, produce 150,000 tons per year, employ 1,200, and have a payroll of $5M.

Here’s a 1956 photo of the lone Culley power plant and it’s single unit (46MW, 1955-2006) on the proposed 6,000ac Alcoa site. Since then, Units 2 (104MW, 1966-2023) and 3 (265MW, built 1973) were constructed.

More electricity was needed with the plant. The Warrick Generating Station was built to support the smelter. It’s construction started in the spring of 1957 and went online in April of 1960. It’s four units came online in 1960, 1964, 1965, and 1970. Vectren owns the first three units, with the fourth unit being jointly owned by Alcoa and Vectren. This photo shows the progress made and the location of these two plants.

The smelting plant was supposed to be up and running by 1958, but the demand for aluminum dropped and work halted on the construction in Jan of 1958 but resumed in Dec of 1959. Below is a photo from 1969 during an expansion to complete its fifth potline and showing the beginning of the sixth.

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