Old Stanley Distillery

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Below is a slideshow of photos taken at the facility in 2016.

Old Stanley Distillery

Thomas A. and Ben F. Medley, principal owners and operators of Old Stanley, were the 6th generation of Medley distillers in Kentucky. The facility opened around 1962 and was capable of 50 barrels per day. Other than the distillery itself, there were also a dry grain recovery plant, 20,000 barrels worth of storage, and a bottling department all under one roof. Due to ad valorem taxes, the plans also called for three warehouses to be built in southern Indiana. Distilling only lasted about a year, though the bottling section of the plant remained active for several years.

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  1. My Grandfather was Ben Medley. He and my dad, John M. Medley operated the plant. It was the first job I ever had-at age 13. I miss going there and working.

    1. Hey Ben! This is probably a long shot but i’ll give it a shot anyway. Do you happen to know if this distillery produced the Quail Creek Premium 8Y 101 bourbon? I have a bottle and the bottle shows the Quail Creek Distillery in Stanley, KY.

  2. I’ve come across a bottle of Quail Creek. The label shows the bottle to be a 8 year 101 proof (Japanese release). The label shows Quail Creek Distillery in Stanley, KY. My research, which there is little info, shows this to be a Medley product. Does anyone have any info on this bottle that they can share?

    1. Post

      Hey Troy, whenever I search newspaper archives online, I get a couple thousand results for Florida, but nothing in KY. I don’t have any solid information for you, but if it was produced in Stanley, my guess is it was wholesale and sold elsewhere.

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