The Executive Inn

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In 1977, Bob Green opened the Executive Inn Rivermont at the foot of Cedar Street. It was the second largest convention center in the state at that time. The Showroom Lounge started hosting big-name entertainment from Nashville, Hollywood, and Las Vegas. Jerry Lee Lewis, The Beach Boys, Keith Urban, Billy Ray Cyrus, and former Beatle George Harrison were just a few on the guest list. How to buy modafinil

Financial problems in the 90’s led to it’s foreclosure in 1997 and on November 9th, 2009, the hotel was demolished to make way for the Owensboro Convention Center which opened in 2014. If tolerance to Phentermine s effects build, does Phentermine quit working after a period of time

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  1. Hey Adam, thanks for the effort in putting this site together! It looks amazing and is an awesome tribute to our town!
    In the article in above I noticed something is missing. It says it was foreclosed on in 97′ and in November it was demolished, but the Big E wasn’t demolished in 97′. What year was it demolished in November? Thanks again for the effort, the site is awesome!

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