The Well at Bethabara

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Did you know… this old well behind Bethabara Baptist Church in Habit was dug by David Miller in 1859. He was paid $11 for his 10 days of work. The well supplied water to the community until water lines were installed in the 1960’s. cy cbd tincture promising human examinations have malignancy and other mind flagging frameworks may help with the test

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  1. Thanks Adam. I served as pastor of this great church from 1973-78 and 1987-2009 when I retired. My wife and I are still members. Love history! Co-authored with Frances Eckstein an updated of history of the church in 1975 for the 150th anniversary celebration, and wrote a more extensive history in 2010. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the valuable contributions you have made to preserve our history.

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