Dawson Baptist Church

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This small church out on Old Hwy 54 was the original building for Dawson Baptist Church. The Church was organized by W. H. Dawson in 1905 and consisted of members from Bethabara, Macedonia, South Hampton, Whitesville, and later Hopewell and Karn’s Grove. W. H. Dawson served as the pastor for the first two and a half years and passed away in 1908. There was also a one-room school built in 1895 on the east side of the Church and near Caney Creek.

In 1991, the Church purchased land and built a new building on 5850 Hwy 54.

For more detailed information, check out the Wiki article: http://wiki.historyofowensboro.com/index.php?title=Dawson_Baptist_Church
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